The announcement by Genvid Technologies

Demolition Robots K.K. Genvid integration was announced by Genvid Technologies, who has an interactive streaming engine.…/genvid-raises-6-million-more-fro…/

> Demolition Robots KK from Throw the Warped Code Out
Japanese studio Throw the Warped Code Out, best known for Back in 1995, is prepping Demolition Robots KK, its four-player, competitive robot action game, to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC this winter.

> Players control giant robots destroying city buildings, and viewers are all residents of the different houses. Built on the Unity game engine and using Genvid’s enhanced streaming tech, viewers cheer on players and see their viewer IDs on individual buildings in-game. Viewers watching their “home building” can cheer on players to destroy their building first in order to then start dropping traps to catch other robots.

> “What I’m trying to do is stopped the robots from doing their job,” said Navok. “So I can actually select the different robots and set traps for them. And if I time the trap absolutely perfectly, it’ll capture him and destroy him. The robots are very strong, but if viewers collaborate on it, they can try to stop the robots from doing their job. And more and more features are coming we’ve got the ability to cheer on a robot if we actually want to help them for some reason.”>